Tips For Proper Golf Course Attire Etiquette

The clothing that you wear in golf is very much a part of the game itself perhaps more than any other sport. In fact, there are even clothing lines or even golf car sales companies that specialize in crafting the perfect golf attire. Below, we will be going over some of the top tips for proper golf attire etiquette.


When it comes to golf, you are likely going to want to stick with short sleeve polo shirts. These are typically the best shirts to wear when golfing because you are going to be golfing in beautiful weather. Alone with this, you want to be sure that you are wearing a polo with a collar.

That way, you can look casual and modern while being able to not seem entirely out of place at a golf club. These means do not wear tube tops, regular T-shirts, or anything else that is not going to be acceptable attire in a golf club.


When it comes to pants, you are going to want long pants made of either cotton or polyester. However, if the weather is beautiful enough, you can always wear dress shorts as well. Some courses that you attend might allow men to wear jeans, but it is not advisable because not all of them are going to deem it acceptable.

When it comes to how women dress in the golf course, long trousers of some kind can be worn for comfort and style. However, like men, dress shorts are also an acceptable attire. There is also something known as golf skirts that are always going to be deemed fair as well. Meaning, you shouldn’t show up wearing basketball shorts or cut off jeans when you are looking to play a round of golf.


When it comes to footwear, you are going to want to be sure that you are wearing the best golfing shoes not only to fit in but also to provide you with excellent performance. Footwear is one of the most significant parts of the game’s equipment, and you should invest accordingly. Not only can the right shoes change the way that you can swing, but they can provide you with ample comfort while walking around on the course all day.

You want to try to find shoes with soft spikes that are either made up of hard plastic or hard rubber. Typically, you want to stay away from metal spikes because they are not always allowed at all golf clubs. Along with this, they are not going to offer the same level of comfort that you might expect when you are used to wearing the more comfortable and softer spikes.

Overall, there are a lot of different things that you should be aware of and keep in mind when you are looking to pick and choose the right golf attire. By implementing the tips above, you should be able to find the proper clothing and shoes to invest in for your golf wardrobe.